Dec 1, 2009

Strip show!

No it is not what you are thinking. It is wallpaper stripping.
So we started with horrible dark paneling. After Greg got all that off the walls this is what we had left pepto bismol pink paint covered in tarry black paneling goop.

So we had to figure out first how much was under the coat of pink paint. After some scraping we found at least two layers of paint and a layer of wallpaper. 

So after some experimenting we decided steaming was the best option for removal. So we went out and got a steamer. It only costs about $40-well worth it for how much easier it made removing the paper.

Ceiling paper removal.


So after many days of stripping we got the walls stripped. Walls were not in the worst shape some bigger spots of plaster to patch and all of the trim and wood work to restore.

We found original sections of wallpaper pattern that we could save from this room. Kind of amazing considering what was on top of the wallpaper.

The work will continue on this room and more posts will come. 

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