Dec 18, 2009

Fall is fast approaching-time for windows

With several projects completed over the summer and fall fast approaching we decided we should try to put new more efficient storm windows on the upstairs. After liking the Larson gold storms we put on the alcove window earlier in the year we decided we should replace all 12 storms upstairs. How to do it efficiently though. This would be a tough job from a ladder just measuring would be a chore. So it is off to the rental center to rent a lift. It proved to be well worth the money spent to rent it for two days. The first rental was to remove the old storms, scrape and repaint all the trim then measure for new windows. After a few weeks of waiting for the custom windows to come in we had to wait for a nice day to rent the lift again and replace all the windows. While doing the windows we decided the gable vents were very old and nasty looking so we replaced those at the same time.

new vent  

Or exciting discovery was there was fish scale shake siding when we took one of the gable vents off the front of the house.
It makes us just want to rip all the aluminum siding off to see what the house looks like. We know though this is a project for another time in the future.

Birds eye view of the neighborhood

I begin to wonder if Greg is ever going to come down from the lift. He says he wants one for Christmas this year! Don't think we have the space to store it. Although I know we would get use out of it.

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