Dec 18, 2009

Air I need Air!!!

The Edwards house has beautiful windows. Something the designers back then knew how to do-design houses that functioned to cool well in summer and be light and bright in winter. The house has tons of windows that circulate all the lovely breeze through them so that between the coolness of the stone basement, shade trees and lovely windows AC is hardly needed. Well I suppose a cool summer also helped with that. However back in the day houses were designed to optimize conditions. In the winter those same windows let in tons of light to help heat on cold days. Granted there is also a heat loss from them but today modern storm windows can fix that without destroying our beautiful wavy glass sashes. I know many preservationist think storms ruin the historical look of houses. Which is true the storm windows are not historical but in restoration we need to be a little practical also. We believe we found something that is sort of a good compromise. Ok so I got a little sidetracked in my rant the original point of this was to say how in the parlor alcove we have 4 beautiful windows but they only had the original glass storms on. No summer screens were anywhere around the property. So once it got nice and my urged to throw open those windows to let the breeze through was dashed. Time for a fix! We looked very hard to find storms. It is very common now for all of these window companys to suggest removal of your beautiful historical (supposedly inefficient windows) to replace them with their awesome vinyl windows! What!?? Are you serious!!!? People buy into this and are sold very inferior windows on a daily basis and your energy return for cost is not good. By the time you actually see the money back those windows are junk. Our fix Gold Series Larson storm windows-we ordered the flush mount type. Once installed as you can hopefully see by the photo they look almost like the original wood flush mount type of traditional storm windows. I am sure there will be more installed in the future.

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Eric said...

Have you guys looked into traditional storm windows? are a great option