Dec 1, 2009

Finally catching up!!!!!

Ok so I started the strip show post in Jan/Feb2009 when we were actually working on it. But due to the many projects we have worked on this summer and fall it is now December again and I have not even worked on any new posts. I am sure everyone has wondered if we have given up and stopped working on the house and decided the retro 70’s look isn’t so bad! Fear not people we have continued to work and I have kept a list so that I may now post all of the exciting things we have worked on through out the summer. I am hoping to actually keep on top of it from now on. Blogger has added a few features recently that I think will help. I was having some posting frustration with adding photos and that kind of got me off my track of regularly posting. So hang on to your hats here goes with all the things we are working on or have accomplished. Enjoy!!!

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