Dec 18, 2009

Abandoned Beauty

Like I said the bats have taken up residence down the street. We are sure of this cause we can watch their flight path directly from the house down the street. On the corner there is a beautiful old Victorian built by the same builder as our house(Sjur Johnson). It was owned we are told by one of the Larson families. And now a relative owns it who apparently has a history of having properties he does not maintain and lets them rot to nothing. People around town who care about the history have been for years trying to buy it but he will not sell. We do not understand these types of people. So here are some beautiful pics of the old original house and the state it is in now-at least the bats have a home!

Note the windmill with built in water tank behind the house that looms over a house that is 3 stories tall. It is possibly 75 ft-100 ft tall. Sadly it is no longer there.

Inside views -Hand painted mural around ceiling of parlor

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