Dec 6, 2009

Parlor work continues (March/April 2009)

Well once we got all the wallpaper steamed from the walls there still was the nasty residue which needed to be cleaned off. I spent several days with the TSP and a scrubby washing every inch of the walls and ceiling so we would have a nice clean plaster finish coat to work on. We then had a few holes that really needed repair.


We also made a few interesting discoveries. We could now see the walls originally had picture rail that had been removed and in the alcove outside corners there had been wood corner protectors. Both of which will be replaced as we continue work.   The next thing we also discovered is there was some wall that had been removed near the stair way and front door. We are guessing so the parlor could be closed off and only used for the special occasions. The repair left a hump in the ceiling.  


 We contemplated fixing the holes etc ourselves but since plaster work is really an art we decided to hire out and try to learn while the pro fixed the room. We hired Theresa from Artisan Plaster in Madison WI.  She was great and did a great job fixing and explaining to Greg how to fix the holes we find in the future. For big jobs we will probably still leave it to the pros but now we are confident we can do the small touch up ourselves. 




Greg had been laid off from his job like so many others in Dec. which actually was good cause it allowed time for him to be home and work on these things. He got a new job this summer so it is back to weekend warrior house work now. While he was off he spent many days touching up plaster holes and sanding-a hellish job! I swear the previous owners kids played rugby or something as dinged up as all the wood work and plaster is in the house!

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