Dec 18, 2009


Well as many of you know old house have horrible wiring as back in the day life did not depend on electrical like we do today. So we are and will be for a while working with a family friend to update the old knob and tube wiring through out the house to new wiring and add outlets and more fixtures etc. Greg and Brad have started some of the routing but not any of the connecting. We are using the existing chimney as an electrical chaseway to get wiring from the attic to the basement so having to take the chimney out while sad will serve a good function in the long run. While digging around in the insulation in the attic Greg found a treasure

This old mirror frame was buried in the insulation. To bad it wasn’t a bag of money! Oh well we will take the frame it is a nice addition to the house. Now to find a place for it. Also while up there they needed ventilation so they pulled the little square window out and had a great view.  There will be more shocking news as the electrical work continues. 

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