Jan 2, 2010

2010 A house odyssey

Ok I couldn't resist after watching 2010 last night on TCM. Another year has come and gone and at the end of Febuaray we will have been in the Edwards house for 2 years. Seems just like yesterday that we moved in. When I look back at the last year and what we have done part of me thinks we didn't get a lot done but then the other part of me actually looks around and stops to think what we have done and I realize we did get quite a lot accomplished. While I always think more will get done in a year we made progress slow but sure. My inital goal this year is to really organize and make some of the things we had just decided to live with a little more liveable since I am slowly realizing that things always take longer than one thinks they will to accomplish. So we are working on organizing the basement, garage and other areas of the house. So that every time we need something we don't spend more time looking for it cause it is buried in the choas than the project itself actually takes. I have repainted the downstairs bathroom to get rid of some of hideousness that was in there. I figure if I do a few little things like this it will make everything go faster in the coming year and make things seem a little more finished. As always we will progress and hopefully get some more of the cosmetic things done this year. I am looking forward to a year of fun and progress.

Happy New Year!