Jan 11, 2009

The Room Time Forgot

So once again we solved another mystery in the house and found a hidden treasure. Well it will be a treasure once it is renovated. While exploring the house and figuring things out we took down some of the ceiling tiles in the downstairs bathroom. Above it all the lath was removed so you could see the exposed plumbing from the upstairs and up into the wall. We noticed a void up through a hole in the ceiling that went upstairs and we wondered where it went but didn't think much of it. In the upstairs bathroom the ceiling is angled a little and there is a small linen closet so we knew there was some space in the wall to accommodate the depth of the closet. Well time passed and winter came. Over Christmas our friend Heather came to visit and while she was here it was pretty cold outside. That evening we noticed the bathroom sink was frozen and we were worried the pipes would burst. Greg managed to get the water to run and flowing so we left the water drip all night so that it would not refreeze. After Heather left we decided we needed to work on the frozen pipe issue. So Greg decided that the best way to get to the pipes was get to them from the linen closet. We dismantled the closet and when we pulled the walls out surprise there was a whole room behind the bathroom wall. The void we saw from below was this room. It was a long forgotten closet complete with coat hooks on the wall and trim around the walls. It measures 3 1/2 x 8 1/2 feet. A pretty amazing find since closet space is always something necessary. So the bad part was there was a large hole in the wall where cold air was coming in and the ceiling plaster was really bad. So for the winter we have plugged the hole with insulation and put the closet back in. In spring we will take out the lath from the ceiling and reinsulate and redo the closet ceiling and then have a nice walk in closet in our upstairs bathroom.

Jan 6, 2009

Wow it's 2009!

Well another year has come and gone and it has been quite the year. Can't believe it is 2009 and in bit more than a month we will have been in the Edwards house for a whole year. Seems like forever and just a blink of the eye all at the same time.
Now that all the holiday craziness has come and gone I believe I will once again have time to work on the house, the house blog and finally creating a photo album to document our hard work. Plus many other projects that will come along. So I have some catching up again on the blog and all will be excited to see some more of the mysteries we have uncovered in the last couple weeks.
So for your enjoyment here is a photo of our first christmas tree in the Edward's house.
Happy New Year!