Jan 6, 2009

Wow it's 2009!

Well another year has come and gone and it has been quite the year. Can't believe it is 2009 and in bit more than a month we will have been in the Edwards house for a whole year. Seems like forever and just a blink of the eye all at the same time.
Now that all the holiday craziness has come and gone I believe I will once again have time to work on the house, the house blog and finally creating a photo album to document our hard work. Plus many other projects that will come along. So I have some catching up again on the blog and all will be excited to see some more of the mysteries we have uncovered in the last couple weeks.
So for your enjoyment here is a photo of our first christmas tree in the Edward's house.
Happy New Year!


Heather M said...

Where's the picture? I think you forgot to attach it...hehehe.

B and G said...

no didn't forget just haven't had time yet. To busy stripping wallpaper!