Dec 11, 2008

Curious cardboard

When we moved in we noticed some large sheets of cardboard tacked up to the rafters in one area of the basement. One day Greg decided to figure out why it was up there. So he put on a mask and got geared up to take it down. Well it was covered in dust cobwebs and many nuts which we are sure the chipmunks had stashed there. There had at some point in time been chipmunks hanging out in the basement. Well the cardboard sheets were interesting and had been up there for many years. They were old Zenith radio boxes most likely had been put up in the rafters for whatever reason by Theo. Edwards. One radio was a model from 1938 and one from 1939. We are guessing they were either models he had in the hardware store or actual radios that had been part of the households entertainment. I have included images of what the two radios would have looked like in their heyday.

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