Sep 29, 2008

Plumbing nightmares!

So one of the first things we needed to get accomplished was getting a new hot water heater that could be vented to the outside since our chimney was going to need to be removed before winter. In the process of doing and getting the leaking pipes around the water meter fixed we decided to also have all the old plumbing in the basement upgraded and cleaned up. It was a snake like mess of old mixed plumbing, galvanized and copper. We are picking our battles so to speak on what we want to tackle ourselves and what pays to hire out. Minor plumbing we can do ourselves but this was pretty major so we decided to hire it out. We hired Capital plumbing and they cleaned up the plumbing fixed the leaks an put in the new water heater. We just ran the venting piping and did that part ourselves. One thing done on the big list!

Trying to catch up!

Ok so I am really trying hard to find time to work on this and get it caught up to date with all that we did over the summer. I would like to have it all up to date so that you can all see more of what we are doing as we do it instead of the catch up of what we have been doing for the whole summer. So here is my attempt to get it done!
Over the summer and once we were in the Edwards house we started working on all the upgrades which were many. The last time any thing major was probably done in the house was in the 70's so there was much that was major to upgrade. Over the summer we got all the plumbing in the basement cleaned up and upgraded. We got a new heating/cooling system. New gutters and mastershield on the gutters and got the chimney removed. So the upcoming posts will give you an idea of all of those redo's plus we cleaned out under the sunporch and found many treasures, worked in the yard, prepared to get a new storage shed, ripped all the carpet out of the first floor and took all the drop ceilings out of the first floor. It was a busy summer and early fall.