Dec 18, 2009

More Parlor work and trim dilemma

Well after many months of getting sidetracked and slow work we finally were able to put a coat of Kilz primer on the parlor walls. It still needs a second coat but that will wait til after the trim restoration is complete. So that leads me to the dilemma-what to do with the trim. After much research online and trial of products I think I have a plan. I just wish the trim had not been so dinged up-I could live with alligator crazed finish or something like that but this is just beat to Hades. I guess I should count my lucky stars it doesn’t have 50 coats of paint on it and that someone actually left it intact in the house even with all the crazy paneling and drop ceilings etc they preserved the trim. So I will thank the Tanners for that! I have decided that stripping would work but then we would lose our original historic finish so I am trying re-amalgamation with denatured alcohol. If you are familiar with french polish on shellac finishes it is very similar. Since the trim is all shellac I am just brushing and brushing more denatured alcohol on it to smooth and cover the scratches and take layers of alligatoring off. It will still be a big job but I think and hope in the long run looks great. So summer has put a stop to the trim and only now that winter is coming will I start on the trim again. Hopefully by the end of winter I will have the trim in the parlor and living room done. We did learn something in this process-in our haste to rip down the paneling and get the walls stripped we left the new clean plaster exposed and not need to take care when working on the trim next to it. So in the future all wood work will be done first then the walls will be stripped of paper, paneling or other hideousness this way we can then just paint and prime and the room is done! Lesson learned!!!!

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