Dec 1, 2009

BRRRR It’s cold in here.

While turning on the Christmas tree(Dec. 2008) I noticed a very cold breeze blowing in from the corner of the parlor room. Well actually the temp in the corner was the same temp. as outside! No wonder that room was always cold when we were sitting in it. So Greg started exploring once the tree was down and we had emptied the room and removed the paneling. So while I was in the process of stripping wallpaper/paint he was sealing leaks. It is amazing what you find when you start taking things apart. In the alcove window there is a air return duct. The piping is under the floor in the root cellar. Well he could feel cold air coming from that alcove area and the left side corner of the parlor room. So one day he started dismantling the duct. Under it we found a very large void. Large enough that you could hide a person.

Maybe it was a hiding hole for gold! Of course the gold was long gone. Now what!? Well being the ingenious fixer he is Greg made a styrofoam box and filled it with insulation.


I should also point out that this insulation was a whole roll he had previously stuffed in around the duct in the fruit cellar and we wondered where it all went-surprise in the gold hiding hole!  He also removed some of the floor boards and made a handy little hose injector extension for a can of spray foam and foamed down into the wall and between the floor boards.

Little did he know some of the foam was coming right back outside. Looks like that will be another project for a future date! Oh joy. Never a dull moment at the Edwards house.
Then he reassembled all the duct work and flooring so that no one even knows of the large secret hole. Can’t wait to see what a difference that makes this winter!

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