Nov 1, 2008

Yard work

When we moved in there was snow on the ground so as the weather warmed we got to discover what was planted and what we wanted to change. On the drive side of the house there was a narrow flower bed sadly over grown with chives and mums. One day I dug it up removed all the chives planted some of my moved perennials, calla bulbs and the mums were grouped together. So by the end of the summer it was a very nice little flower bed. Along the side of the sunporch and Sure side of the house also received a makeover. I removed a large number of snowball shrubs and gave them away to friends at work. Then we edged it and mulched it and I put my moved perrennials and iris and a few new plants. Plus 50 yellow daffodils. I am anxiously awaiting spring and summer to see how it turns out. So for now everyone will have to wait for how it looks just like I do.

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