Nov 18, 2008

Not enough space already!!!

So you buy a bigger place and assume you will have enough space but somehow you always find the need for more space. Does that mean we have to much stuff!? So we thought that having more garage space would be a good idea. Since we will have 3 vehicles plus all the yard implements and garden tractors etc. And all of the other tools etc. Well it isn't really realistic to build on to the garage at this point so a shed is the next best thing. First we thought we would buy one of the shed kits from a home improvement site. But after seeing some pre-made ones we thought we should check those out. So in the interest of getting things done as quickly as possible and seeing the prices on the pre-made ones we started shopping for those. We found a place called Cottage Works and took a road trip to check them out. A Mennonite family makes them and the price was not much more than the kits which are much more cheaply made than these so we decided to buy one from them. We ordered a 10'x10' shed and when it was done they delivered it. Quite the event. They bring it on a tilting trailer and then have a little motorized pull cart that they use to move it into place. It took a couple tries to get everything where it belongs but now we have an awesome out shed to store all the lawn and extra garage type items.

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