Nov 13, 2008

Treasure Hunt (under the porch)

One of the yard projects I wanted to do was make the flower bed along the sunporch. This meant digging out a large section of snowball hydrangea shrubs. I finally got to them one afternoon and bagged them up and gave them to work friends. After doing this Greg was looking under the skirts of the sunporch and we wondered what was under there. So I decided to crawl under sunporch and see what it was like and what we could find. Oh the treasures we found! An old ski, a partial baby doll, flower pots, house trim, a 70's JCPenny sale catalog, a old tin, small blue insulators, old bottles, a steel mountain dew can,screen frames, old boots and a few other odds and ends. After pulling out our treasures I started researching online what we had found. The tin is a Between the Acts tin of smokes sold between the acts at the theatre. One of the bottles is a Frauerbach bottle. Another is embossed with spiders and spider webs. It was a whiskey tonic sold during prohibition. The photo included is one similar to the one we found from an ebay listing. It was a hot and dirty job but very worth it.

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