Nov 1, 2008

There's a flagpole in the yard!?

So when we looked at the house we were much more interested in the inside and house structure than really exploring the yard. After we were moved in and spring started to emerge we spent more time in the yard. One day Greg said "hey did you know there is a flagpole in the yard?" Neither of us had noticed it. It was obvious that it had been placed in the yard before there were power lines on the street and when the trees were very tiny. It now was to close to the power line and grown to far into the trees to really actually use it to fly a flag. So we decided to take it down and move it but how do you get down a very large heavy glavinized pipe flagpole. Well after the neighbors had some large trees removed Greg thought that maybe Nickolas would come with his bucket truck and help us take it down. So we called him and sure enough he was willing to come help us. The day we decided to do it was a little drizzly and overcast but still good enough to do it. So Greg torched it off on the bottom as Nickolas held it in place with the bucket truck. Then he lowered it to the ground and it was down. We later looked it over and found the name Oscar Johnson on the side. In looking through some of our historical info we found that Oscar lived in the neighborhood in 1908 and was a well driller. So obviously the pipe came from him at some point it was made into the flagpole and put up. So the flagpole could be as old as one hundred years depending on when it was put up. Some more research will need to be done on that. So presently it is on blocks behind the garage waiting for some restoration and to be moved to it's new home in the front yard.

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