Nov 13, 2008

Drop ceiling Oh my why!?

Another lovely aspect of the house was that it has 9 foot ceilings but why oh why would anyone put drop ceilings in all of these rooms. We decided that we wanted the nice high ceilings back so another weekend was spent removing the drop ceilings from the living room, dining room and kitchen. While I am sure after removing them it was to cover the peeling wall paper and probably for the energy efficiency factor and of course most important is was the style of the 70's! As my friend Krissy said the 70's was not a good decade for home decor!
When we got to the kitchen we found lovely plaid wallpaper and peachy orange paint on the walls. Also while doing it Greg said oh this is a nice message and as you can see by the photo that we had some choice swear words on the ceiling written in pencil. So you have to wonder why? Was it irritation with putting up the tiles or was it a contractor doing it and getting irritated with the previous owners. I suppose we will never know but it was very funny imagining what the story might have been! And it makes up laugh every time we look at our ceiling.

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