Nov 21, 2008

More things I forgot

Well anyone who has been reading this knows that while we have owned the house since leap day of 2008 I really didn't get going on actually starting to write this blog until July. So from that point it was a try to fit it in and remember all the things that proceeded and had been done until now. Of course as much as I hoped I would forget nothing I realized in thinking back there are things that didn't get told. So over the next few days hopefully I can add in some of those bits. Like the pictures of all the goodies we found when cleaning out the heating system, the fact that no bed bigger than a full size will go up the stairs and how we actually moved in Queen size beds, the antique wardrobe we found on craiglist, interesting old cardboard found in the basement and I am sure a few more things that I have yet to think of. So stay tuned as they say and more will come!

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