Nov 18, 2008

The '41' comes home!

Well the shed is in and cold weather is approaching. We have the garage cleaned out enough to finally get Greg's 1941 chevy home. It has been in storage for many years awaiting it's own garage. That day had finally come. It was a beautiful fall weekend day in late October(10/25) so we decided this was the time. We drove over to storage and loaded up some of the extra parts and things from storage and we were off. Through town and to the Beltline. We made our way into town and home. The car was finally in the drive and in the garage. Of course as usual it was the curiosity of the neighborhood. All the neighbors stopped to look as Greg drove it in the drive and even people came to take a closer look. That weekend and the next few were beautiful so we took it for a couple drives around town before the snow flew.

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