Nov 21, 2008

Heating Update

So up to this point we really were not completely sure how low the temp. could go before the heat pump would not work and the gas would kick on. Well last night was our answer it seemed like 22 degrees F was the magic number. We know the gas has come on a few times since the nights have been around 15 degrees a few times but we were never up or home to see exactly when that switchover point would be. Now we know. The heating guys gave us conflicting temps. I heard around 30 Greg thought lower so we just had to wait and see. Pretty cool if you ask me that there is enough heat in the air down to 22 degrees that a heat pump can use that air to make the house warm and toasty. The next interesting thing will be to see our bills and how it changes as the temps. change over the winter. More to come as the season passes!

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