Aug 6, 2008

Moving days or should I say weeks arrive

So we don't have any pictures of the weeks of moving we did but we know that we never want to do it again. Thanks to our awesome families we got it done. If it hadn't been for them their help and all their vehicles it would have taken us much longer. We basically started moving in March and finally started staying here in mid April. But that was not the final moving after we sold the North street house we had to do the final moving with all the furniture that we had the house staged with. We were glad to get it all done. The funniest story was from the guys at the church next to the North street house. It was one day after we had carried boxes and furniture etc out for several days at that point and one of the guys said "Where was all that stuff in that little house!" I still am not sure myself. Greg told them I was very organized!

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