Aug 6, 2008

Cleaning begins

Well when we moved in it was quite apparent that the house had not been cleaned really well for a while. The owner was an old guy who had very poor vision. So the first priority was to scrub everything really well. In that process I started to realize the big old registers had years worth of treasures hidden in them. My big project for one of the first weekends was to open all the floor registers and clean them out with the shop vac and by hand. Then I put screens in them to prevent any thing we might drop from falling all the way down into the furnace. As you can see by the photos we had quite the bag of trash plus the shop vac full and many treasures we found. Like a million puzzle pieces, a ton of marbles, a little kiddle doll, curlers, bobby pins, paper plates, bags of rodent poison, change, ice cream sandwhich papers, and a ton of dirt. So now at least the air we are breathing is a little cleaner or so we thought. Just wait until we start the replacement of the heating system.

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