Jul 23, 2008

The Battle Begins!

Well anyone who tells you that buying a house is an easy thing is crazy or may not have tried it before. Maybe it was just the fact that the sellers agent was a complete ding bat. Had we not had such an awesome agent in Michelle and not been so determined to have this house I am quite sure things would have not come together. Of course part of the whole process is the the home inspection. Which during this process we found out some of the things that were really wrong with the house, not just cosmetic. When we met for the inspection there was a gas leak in the house which was from the kitchen stove and numerous spots in the basement gas lines so it was actually probably a good thing we did it the day we did or there may not have been a house to buy. So we found some leaks in the basement , a very outdated heating system, old water heater, mystery holes in the yard(probably an old septic tank), crazy plumbing, and a badly cracked chimney which would need to come out. So all of these things combined with a very dingy selling agent made for an interesting experience. Since time has passed since the sale actually went through I have forgotten all the many convoluted things that happened with the house purchase. But I am quite sure that many buyers would have walked away had they been in our situation. We had earnest money that was never deposited, things with the banker that nearly didn't get finalized and work that needed to be completed before the sale could go through all this occurring while we were about to go on our Honeymoon to the FL keys. Well thankfully things came together we got to take our awesome honeymoon in Feb. and we were able to close on the house on Feb. 29th of 2008(Leap day no less!).

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